Our clients are the life blood of the organisation

We pride ourselves on our customer support and responsiveness and this is reflected in the NPS score and reviews we receive. Through regular client surveys, outreach programs and health checks our sales and customer success teams gather customer feature requests and feed them back to the design team. We pay close attention to how our products evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients by incorporating customer requests in our development road map. These efforts together with a total commitment to customer service result in industry leading low churn figures.

Scorebuddy received two commendations and a best technology award in 2018 from the subscribers to Call Center Helper.

The aviation sector is highly competitive and our airline customers are demanding of our Flightbuddy platform driving new features and innovations including the ability to use new and emerging channels such as push notifications and social channels.

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BPO Outsourcer

Scorebuddy became an essential piece of 5CA’s quality assurance process and the best way to handle ourremote workforce. As an all-in-one quality assurance system, Scorebuddy has offered 5CA a way to collect and store our QA data and utilize that data to target their training, and to motivate the agents. We use Scorebuddy not only to highlight the talent that their agents already demonstrated and where they performed well, but to also gain insight and transparency into the kind of work their agents were doing overall.

Sylvia Mattl, Senior Quality Specialist

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WWF has designed a simple way to report on agent performance across all channels. They use agent dashboards showing individual agent performance over time and across channels, such that each agents’ performance can be viewed as one graph at-a-glance.

Another benefit of the agent dashboard is that it offers the agent a transparent view of their own performance, “I want agents to be able to look at their dashboard and see one ‘swiggley line’ that is always above our target (ideally) and is always on an upwards trend”.

Ben Adaway, Head of Support Services

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Scorebuddy has now become an extension of our organisation. It allows us to continue our unique coaching approach while maintaining standardisation that unifies the support aspect of our varied business lines. Having everything in one place in Scorebuddy is convenient. The built-in Analytics reporting saved us having to develop our own and we have a solution for the storage of coaching notes. It even allows us to gather information from the frontline for onboard training, internal documentation and to gain ideas for more customer-centric brand development.


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Scorebuddy has provided BenefitMall with an application for building consistent and customer focused quality evaluation solutions across business units and locations.  Our front line now depends on Scorebuddy as an integral part of performance development tools used with staff.  This includes over 400 users along with 80 admins and supervisors, which is why utilizing Agent Insights is essential for our business. Through this journey we have evolved from using home-grown solutions to using Scorebuddy’s robust reporting and analytics; which informs data driven decision making at multiple levels in our service organisation

Ron Tiesler – Executive Director at Benefit Mail

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BPO Outsourcer

We make use of the Scorebuddy system in our quality assurance process to really handle our remote workforce. It has helped us improve our overall quality, create a loop between QA and training, motivate agents, and add transparency to the entire process.

Sylvia Mattl – Senior Quality Specialist


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BPO Outsourcer

The first step we took as part of our QA strategy, was to decide what platform would be used that would provide analytics and reporting that we could do with ease. We needed to make sure we could access the data easily. We selected Scorebuddy! For Outsourcers working with a scorecard system like Scorebuddy, the primary problem is that you take the ecosystem that your clients use when they come on board. You need to integrate their / the client’s CRM into the way you as the Outsourcer works. Scorebuddy can be used to standardize to one way of capturing quality, regardless of the ecosystem being used by the client. The #1 Outsourcer challenge is too much work and too little time. If used properly, Scorebuddy gives you the gift of time!

Keiran McCarthy – Head of Quality at Voxpro