The Tech


Sentient uses only the most secure, reliable tools to develop our software solutions. Thanks to a combination of design-led and agile software development methods, our clients benefit from a seamless, stable experience. Our solutions are always evolving, with frequent new releases enhancing business value and user experience.

data security

Sentient understands the inherent responsibility of the SaaS model to protect and secure access to client data. Strong data safeguarding requires multiple layers of security to reduce vulnerability and limit the risk of a breach. Sentient has secured PCI DSS compliance for our private cloud environment and applies the same stringent policies and practices to our AWS environment.

high availability

Sentient employs a robust architecture designed for high availability and 99.99% service uptime. Naturally, clients expect consistent service availability regardless of the operational needs of the IT team to patch or upgrade. Sentient’s investment in high availability ensures the flexibility to manage and maintain the environment without interruption.

leading edge

The Sentient development, production and IT teams are constantly reviewing the technology ecosystem to ensure that we use the best tools, methods and technologies to achieve our clients’ performance, availability and security needs.