Scorebuddy QA

Scorebuddy QA

Simple Staff Scoring Solution

Scorebuddy is an award winning simple staff scoring solution in the cloud to replace spreadsheets and documents, streamlines the scoring of calls, emails or web chats. It allows you to design multiple scorecards, score agents, share & review with staff and generate detailed reports and charts.


By providing a flexible secure method for gathering the quality scores, storing it in a secure shared repository and allowing business analysts to drill down and understand root causes, scorebuddy reduces the staff required, improves agent engagement and trust and drives improved quality where ever it is deployed.

Scorebuddy is a proven invaluable tool for call centre quality assurance. Users are glowing in their praise! By measuring outcomes against best practice and business objectives Employees/Agents become more attentive, listening skills improve and faulty, bad or damaging outcomes are reduced. Handling time also reduces reducing cost allowing clients know where to troubleshoot.

Service Type: Advanced Cloud Application
Client: Multiple
Release Date: March 4, 20132
Keywords: Quality Measurement, Analytics, Multi tenant


  • Flexible Scorecard Builder
  • Built in Compliance Alerts
  • Review Agents, add Comments
  • PCI Secure option
  • Comprehensive Analytics module