Hosted IVR

Hosted IVR

Multi Tenant IVR Platform

Sentient provide a multi tenant IVR  to deliver high capacity automated services over the phone. The platform supports both Speech Recognition and standard DTMF and uses standard high quality telco E1 connections or Voice of IP voice traffic.

Secure Credit Card Payments

The PCI Certified secure payment service over the phone including validation, authorisation and transaction reporting using our comprehensive web tools. Consumers expect to be able to pay their bills and manage their account in multiple ways depending on their circumstances and preference, phone self service continues to grow and has been shown to dramatically reduce live calls to agents and over the counter payments in post offices or banks.

Voice Surveys

Think Survey Monkey for the telephone! Sentient’s Voice Surveys service delivers a fully automated Customer Satisfaction survey tool providing an easy way to accurately assess customers satisfaction in real-time. By regularly sampling customer sentiment clients benchmark performance over time evaluating the impact of new processes, products or training. Clients have real time access through a secure browser to the Customer Satisfaction score and the callers recorded voice where a verbatim has been collected.

Flight Information

The platform is connected to a real time flight information feed for Aer Lingus. Using a speech recognition callers can search for particular flights and hear the up to date status diverting calls away from the customer service team.

Service Type: Speech Capable Hosted IVR
Client: Multiple
Release Date: May 15, 2007
Keywords: IVR, Speech Recognition, Hosted

  • Speech Recognition Enabled
  • E1 or IP Voice ports
  • PCI DSS Certified
  • High Capacity
  • High Availability